medical facility construction

Turnkey Construction Project Manager for Healthcare Facility

The team at Momentum General Contractors has built numerous clinics, hospitals and specialized medical centers. We focus on open floor plans, client-centric designs, cost-effective yet safe materials and clean layouts. Through turnkey project management, we have also helped many assisted living facilities open their doors throughout the Houston area for years. An assisted living facility must have adequate medical facilities while still retaining a homey atmosphere through independent, apartment-style dwellings.

Modern Healthcare Construction Goals

General construction of medical buildings has changed greatly over the years. Today, there is more of an emphasis on top technologies, green health care models and preventive care than there once was. Our emphasis on building neighborhood clinics using green construction materials whenever possible upholds these goals and changes, helping you impact patients of all ages in your own community.

Our design goals will also match these new project needs. If you choose us to both design and build your hospital, clinic or other medical facility, we will ensure that your finished building supports your business’s main goals, has an evidence-based design, is created for long-term use and is designed and built using a sustainable model. From the floor plan to the fixtures, our healthcare facility general contractor always focuses on turnkey construction for a smart and successful final product.

Health, Happiness and Quality of Life

If your goal is to make those in your neighborhood healthier and happier through expert medical care and assisted living facilities that improve quality of life, our turnkey general contractor at Momentum can help you make your business’s dreams come true. With an emphasis on safety and integrity throughout every step of the process, you will find that you can trust our healthcare facility general contractor to get to know your business, understand your needs and team up with you throughout your project.

Healthcare Facility Projects