Concrete for Commercial Construction

Turnkey Concrete Contractor for Your Next Commercial Project

Our turnkey general concrete contractor will manage all parts of your next commercial construction project, helping you find the right subcontractor to pour concrete for commercial construction. If you are building a new structure, the building may be based on a concrete foundation or slab. Even older buildings that are being retrofitted may require concrete work for repairing the foundation or for laying footings that create safer spaces for both you and your customers. We can also hire subcontractors to lay sidewalks and driveways, pour parking lots, build retaining walls and replace cracked or crumbling concrete around your building.

Concrete for Pavement, Foundations and More

As a business owner, you most likely are not a pro when it comes to working with building designs, hiring subcontractors, getting the right design finishes and financing your project. That is why it is so beneficial to work with a turnkey general contractor especially on larger commercial projects. Your job is to ensure that your business has what it takes to succeed. Our job as your general contractor is to take care of every detail of the construction process. Once we turn the key over to you, we guarantee that all the design and construction work will be completed and that your business will be ready to open.

Turnkey Project Management with Commercial Concrete Services

Our top priority at Momentum General Contractors is to create a seamless construction process for you as a business owner. We have worked on many office buildings, day cares, assisted living facilities, hotels and more throughout the Houston area, providing complete engineering, construction and concrete pouring services. We are your reliable choice thanks to our expertly trained professionals, detail-oriented contractors and dedicated customer service personnel. We understand how important it is to have experienced concrete contractors at your building site, and we can give you the peace of mind you crave as we create strong foundations, level walkways, expansive parking lots and safe flatwork and footers to make your next commercial building a success.