General Contractor

Create the Perfect Commercial Shell Store Space

We have worked on numerous general construction projects for a variety of commercial enterprises, including warehouses, strip malls and big box stores. Whether you are opening your own one-of-a-kind shop or industrial space, or you are creating a franchised chain store, we can help you get your project off the ground with our turnkey project management services. A big box store or warehouse must be designed to be safe and sturdy but must also be client friendly and built to support your company’s goals. Whatever your ideal space looks like, we are here to help you achieve it.

Project Manager for Turnkey Commercial Construction

Turnkey projects are all the rage right now because they take most of the pressure off you and instead lets a turnkey general contractor take care of the bulk of the work. With this service, we will initially meet with you to discuss any designs or plans that you already have and to ensure that we completely understand your budget, needs and goals for the project. Once we are on the same page, we will take care of every job responsibility. Although our turnkey general contractor will communicate with you fully throughout the job, you can mainly sit back and relax until we deliver the completed building to you.

Choose a Trusted Commercial Construction Contractor

If you are choosing turnkey construction services, you definitely want to know that you can trust the company you choose. Our Momentum commercial construction contractor is glad to sit down with you to discuss any concerns or questions that you may have. Our extensive commercial construction experience and our reputation for honesty, integrity, safety and customer service have set us apart in the Houston area. Choose our commercial general contractor for your next project and experience the Momentum General Contractors difference.

Commercial Projects