Civil & Structural Engineering Services

Streamlined Services Through Our Turnkey General Contractor

A typical construction project requires the owner of the property to find individual subcontractors, architects and engineers to complete small sections of the project. Getting these individuals to work together on a strict schedule and within a defined budget can be difficult if you do not have experience in these fields yourself. However, when you work with our turnkey Houston general contractor, we will streamline this entire experience for you. Once you give us your desired budget, timeframe and goals for the overall design and layout of your building, we will in turn contract out each part of the project to trusted workers. By managing your commercial construction job, you can save time and money while limiting your frustration.

Engineering Services for Commercial Construction Projects

Quality engineering services for commercial construction projects are particularly important because they set the foundation for everything that is to follow. A civil engineer will inspect the design of your proposed building, looking for any flaws and pointing out areas for improvement to create the safest and strongest building possible. A structural engineer will determine which materials should be used for construction based on your location, the style and size of the building and your desired use for the completed structure. As your turnkey general contractor, we will ensure that we choose structural and civil engineering professionals who work with care and integrity, producing a trustworthy design that will stand the test of time.

Commercial Construction Project Management

Complete commercial project management is key if you want a streamlined construction process for your new business. Whether you are retrofitting an older building, remodeling your current building, looking for tenant build out services in a rented space or building an entirely new structure, our turnkey general contractor will manage every part of the process, including hiring the right civil and structural engineers. Our general construction company is based on the rules of honesty, integrity and safety, giving you the assurance that Momentum General Contractors can successfully handle your next project whether big or small.