Quality Assurance with Houston Construction Management

Houston construction management professional talking to subcontractor for commercial construction building

If you’re starting a commercial construction project, you obviously want your building to meet your quality standards. Houston construction management can help!

Construction managers have many different responsibilities. However, the main goal is to make sure your building meets your expectations. This includes design, material, and construction quality. 

Construction managers offer years of knowledge and expertise to provide quality assurance services from start to finish for your construction project. That’s why we provide a dedicated manager for every project we take on to help oversee day-to-day efforts and provide you with one point of contact for all your needs. 

What is Houston Construction Management?

Houston construction management professional talking to subcontractor for commercial construction building
Houston construction management means supervising construction and communicating your needs with everyone involved with your project.

First, you might wonder what construction management is. Essentially, it’s a service that helps coordinate and translate your expectations and goals into real-world results. So, your construction manager works with you to understand your wants and needs first and foremost. Then they work with everyone involved with your project to ensure it meets those expectations.

Construction managers almost always have specialized education and a background in construction to help them provide outstanding service. This allows them to identify potential issues or opportunities before and during construction. For construction, that means not only meeting budget and schedule goals, but also ensuring that your building meets high quality standards. 

A construction manager is on-site to help supervise and lead day-to-day construction operations. This means managing the construction crew, subcontractors like electricians and plumbers, and others on-site. Also, they meet with you regularly to keep you up-to-date on your project.

When Does a Construction Manager Get Involved During Design Build Projects?

The great thing about working with a design build Houston general contractor that offers construction management services is that your construction manager can be involved from the very beginning. 

In the traditional design-bid-build process, many people wait until after the design phase to hire a construction manager. However, that means the construction manager isn’t involved with the design. During the design phase, a manager can start optimizing your project for quality, safety, and other goals. When you choose our team for your new building, Houston construction management begins the very moment you start turning your ideas into reality. 

How Does Houston Construction Management Help with Quality Assurance and Control?

When you work with a Houston commercial construction contractor that offers construction management services, you can rest at ease knowing your project is well taken care of. A construction manager oversees your project as a whole to provide quality assurance and control. 

Many things influence the final quality of the building. For example, scheduling ensures everyone has time to perform their job functions to the quality standards the manager sets. Also, the manager works to create a positive culture on your construction site. This helps keep morale high, which can go far for motivating good, quality work. The manager performs whatever duties are needed to ensure your project is successful. 

Construction Manager Responsibilities

A construction manager is responsible for many different aspects of your project. In addition to supervising day-to-day construction activities, they’re responsible for the end result. This includes budget, schedule, and quality. Therefore, the construction manager performs a wide range of duties to ensure your expectations are met. 

Some responsibilities of a construction manager can include:

  • Reviewing construction plans
  • Construction site safety
  • On-site workmanship and efficiency
  • Quality inspections during construction
  • Motivating on-site workers
  • Minimizing risks
  • Ensuring contractors stick to construction plans
  • Communication between construction team and building owner

A construction manager tailors their services to meet your unique needs. They are your go-to for easy communication and quality assurance. They work with the construction crew and subcontractors responsible for making your project a reality.

Avoid Cut-Corners with a Construction Manager’s Expertise

Unfortunately, construction defects happen every day, often resulting from lower quality field workmanship, design errors or omissions, or misinterpretation of construction plans. The results can be anything from dissatisfaction with the look of your building to failed building code inspections and expensive corrections. In the end, this can cost you more than you bargained for when beginning the construction journey. 

Houston construction management is all about mitigating the potential for defects and protecting your interests as the building owner. A construction manager’s sole job is to be your right hand for making sure you receive a building that meets your expectations and standards.

A construction manager is involved at every step of the way to help provide peace of mind that you get the most value from your building. They help establish standards, collaboration, and communication for your project from the very start by utilizing their expertise in construction and project management. Therefore, consider working with a contractor that offers management services for your project. 

Expert Houston Commercial Construction Contractor

As a premier commercial construction contractor, our team at Momentum General Contractors is here to provide you with turnkey solutions for your next construction project. Whether you’re looking to build a hotel, retail store, warehouse, or another type of structure, we’re here to turn your ideas into reality. Our team fully customizes each part of the process to your wants and needs. We’re dedicated to providing you with outstanding service tailored to you.

For every project we take on, we even assign a dedicated construction management professional to help manage the project as a whole and ensure everyone is on the same page from start to finish. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team is the ideal choice for commercial construction. Call us now at (713) 856-9977 to request a bid!