Why Houston Metal Buildings for Storage Units?

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Did you know that the demand for self-storage units more than tripled between 2015 and 2020? If you’re ready to get into the storage unit business and capitalize on this growing demand, Houston metal buildings are the perfect choice for your facility. 

Steel buildings have long been preferred for storage units. Why is this? There are several reasons! Some of the main being they’re cost-effective and quick to construct. However, there are many other reasons developers choose metal for storage unit construction. 

Houston Metal Buildings for Storage Units are Cost-Effective

Houston metal buildings can save up to 30% of construction costs compared to traditional building materials. Also, over their lifetime, they can cut costs in half for things like construction, maintenance, and energy consumption. Therefore, steel storage buildings simply make sense from a financial stance. 

While steel generally costs more than wood, the construction savings usually comes in because there are often fewer delays and labor costs. Steel is quite accessible as a building material. Also, these buildings tend to be easier to construct compared to wood buildings. This means you can save money by choosing metal over more traditional construction materials. 

Another thing to think about is insurance costs. Many insurance companies offer lower premiums for metal buildings because they’re pretty resilient. They are fire-resistant, wind-resistant, and generally last longer than wood buildings, which often makes them much less risky to insure. This may mean paying less for insurance over the lifetime of your building, which can lead to major long-term cost savings. 

Quick Self-Storage Facility Construction with Houston Metal Buildings

Houston Metal Buildings - Momentum General Contractors
Houston metal buildings are the perfect construction project for self-storage facilities.

In addition, Houston metal buildings are often quicker to construct compared to traditional buildings. In some cases they can take less than half of the construction time compared to other types of buildings. Often, we can pre-engineer the metal off-site and then simply assemble and erect it on-site once it’s ready. With other types of construction, we generally have to do all the cutting and assembling on the construction site. This often means waiting for construction permit acceptance, the foundation to set, and even sometimes for weather to clear up before we can even get started.

By contrast, with Houston metal buildings we may be able to do a lot of the work off-site simultaneously so we can get your storage facility up and running in less time. This can translate to getting paying customers even more quickly for better cash flow. 

Durable Self-Storage Solutions with Steel Building Construction

We’ve mentioned this briefly a couple of times, but steel buildings from your Houston general contractor are also crazy durable and long-lasting. Metal is one of the most durable construction materials available. 

Unlike wood, metal resists fire, water damage, humidity, mold, termites, and many other things. Steel also doesn’t rot. Therefore, Houston metal buildings often last significantly longer than buildings constructed out of other types of materials. Since people will be paying you to help store sometimes precious items, it’s important to make sure you do everything possible to prevent damage. Steel storage buildings can help stand up to many different things that could bring a traditional wood building to the ground. 

Houston Metal Buildings are Energy Efficient for Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Climate-controlled storage units are often worth a lot more per square foot compared to non-climate-controlled units. Therefore, you’ll probably make the most off of these types of units. However, you can increase your profits by making climate controlled areas even more energy efficient. 

Houston metal buildings can be insanely efficient, especially with specialized cool coatings and even insulated metal panels. This means you can spend less on heating and cooling costs and make more per climate-controlled unit. That’s a no-brainer way to increase profitability right off the bat. 

Houston Metal Buildings are Low Maintenance

Another common reason your Houston general contractor constructs storage buildings out of steel is because they’re low maintenance. After your self-storage business gets up and running, it can be difficult to find time to perform building maintenance. Also, often units will be filled with your customers’ belongings, making it impractical to do maintenance inside all the units at once. 

Luckily, Houston metal buildings are incredibly low maintenance. Even the paint we use can last longer on average than paint on wood buildings. Metal is durable and lasts a long time, which means there’s no need for regular sealing, painting, or even replacing building components. 

Even if you do experience damage, repairing steel buildings is a snap (and extremely economical). Often all you need to do is place a metal panel over the damaged area. For larger damaged areas, you can generally simply replace the metal panel quickly and affordably. 

Completely Customizable and Easy to Expand Later

In addition, steel buildings from your Houston general contractor are also customizable and easy to add onto. We can construct your storage units to whatever size or parameters you desire. This can help you offer just the right unit for your customers’ needs. Also, if you need to expand in the future, these buildings are easy and inexpensive to add onto. 

If you want to have a certain look for your storage facility, you can even customize the outside! We’re not talking about just paint colors. You can even add a wide range of siding options, including finishes that look like brick or stone masonry. Therefore, whatever your needs for storage unit development, we can help match your metal buildings to your vision. 

Houston Metal Buildings Offer Everything Self-Storage Customers are Looking for

Two of the main things self-storage customers look for in a storage facility are security and cleanliness. People will store their belongings in your facility, so they want to make sure they’re well protected from crime, pests, and grime.

Houston metal buildings help sell these two important factors to your customers at just a glance. Steel is a tough material that isn’t easily broken into. Just the look of your building can help potential customers feel confident in your facility’s security. 

As for cleanliness, steel buildings are also easy to clean and sanitize between customers. Generally all they need is a quick power wash or a little spray with soap and water to look good as new. Therefore, choosing metal storage unit buildings can even help sell your units with next to no effort for your business. 

Houston General Contractor for Storage Unit Construction

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