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Work with your Houston general contractor to build a beautiful grocery store.

Working with an experienced Houston general contractor can help make grocery store construction easy. Design build construction specialists can help you create a space designed for profitability. We help you create a space that works for you and your customers. If you’re planning on building a grocery store space, there are several things you need to consider. 

Working With Your Houston General Contractor for Attractive Grocery Store Exteriors

Practically every business can benefit from an attractive building exterior. Grocery store exteriors can have a huge impact on sales. Building exteriors can attract customers and improve credibility and trustworthiness. Consider this: you pass two grocery stores, one looks like it was built 20 years ago and isn’t visually appealing, while the other looks modern, clean, and interesting to look at. Which is going to catch your eye? Which are you more likely to shop in? Most people would choose the more attractive store, assuming that there are no significant price differences. That’s why you should work with your Houston commercial construction contractor to create beautiful store exteriors. 

To help grab attention and create a welcoming environment, the grocery store entrance is of paramount importance. Entryways are focal points. Prioritizing entrances when it comes to style and design can help you manage the construction budget while still setting the future store up for success. 

Exterior style also needs to cater to your target market. Work with your Houston general contractor to determine what will be most attractive based on who you want your customers to be. For example, grocery stores in a younger market might go for a minimalist look with brighter colors. Those in slightly older markets might need more traditional touches. In either case, it’s usually a safe choice to keep exterior styles current, rather than too traditional or futuristic.

Your Houston General Contractor Helps You Design Spaces that Work for Your Business

Interior designs and layouts are also vital for the grocery store’s success. Your Houston general contractor will work with you to determine the best design and layout. As more and more people are grocery shopping online, construction may also need to change. Depending on where you bring in the most revenue, you may need to prioritize space for in-store or online shopping. 

Designing a Space for In-Store Shopping

With the rise of online grocery shopping, brick-and-mortar grocery stores must stay competitive by creating customer experiences. For example, multi-sensory shopping experiences are important because they are unique to in-store shopping compared to online. Therefore, adding a bakery area, floral area, or other places where you can create enticing smells to encourage people to shop. Experiences are more and more important for in-store shopping because online shopping is so convenient. Instead, the state of grocery shopping has shifted for many people into something completely different than just picking up eggs and milk. Someone coming into the store is also looking for some sort of experience. This is why more and more grocery stores are also including small cafes and other experiential areas in their stores.

Your Houston general contractor will also help you determine interior style to help you sell more products. For example, most grocery stores should shoot for visually interesting, yet understated. The idea is to make the merchandise the focal point. However, if the inside is too plain, it can feel monotonous and depressing, sending customers out the doors sooner than you would like.

Grocery Store Layouts from Your Houston General Contractor for Delivery or Click and Collect Streamlining

However, many grocery stores are finding that click and collect orders are becoming more popular. If this is going to be a large part of the business model, then you may need to set up your grocery store differently. For example, grocery stores who offer online shopping may have smaller retail areas to allow for larger storage areas where orders are processed. Your Houston commercial construction contractor will work with you to find the best balance between the two and maximize your space and budget. Another option is adding small Houston metal buildings to work as flexible storage and warehouse areas to help accommodate online orders. 

Different Types of Grocery Store Layouts

Also, your Houston general contractor can offer advice and guidance on grocery store layout. There are generally three main types of grocery store layouts: grid, loop, and free-flow. 

  • Grid Layout from Your Houston General Contractor: The grid layout involves having shelves all going one way. This encourages shoppers to walk through each aisle and take plenty of time shopping. 
  • Loop Layout: The loop layout involves having smaller shelves going one way in the center of the store. There are also shelves around the perimeter. This allows for perimeter shopping where customers who are in a hurry can find staple items without going down each aisle. This grocery store layout also allows people to go down each aisle and take their time like grid layout. 
  • Free-Flow Grocery Stores: Free-flow grocery store layout is exactly how it sounds – this layout involves less rigid or traditional layouts. Instead, any other type of layout besides the two above fits under this category. However, a common free-flow layout for grocery store construction involves having all the shelves face an angle to allow your customers to see some of the products on each aisle.

Whichever type of layout you choose, your Houston general contractor is here to provide expert design and high quality construction for your grocery store. 

Expert Houston General Contractor for Grocery Store Constructions

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