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Your Houston general contractor can help you design your convenience store to encourage browsing and increase sales.

Whether you’re starting a new convenience store or moving to a new location, your Houston general contractor can help you create the best space for your business. The design of your convenience store can have a huge impact on your sales. Therefore, you should work with an experienced Houston general contractor. Your contractor can help you design and build a convenience store space that gives you a leg up against your competition. Make sure that you and your construction contractor designs elements that attract customers and also include a layout that encourages them to shop and buy more.

Talk to Your Houston General Contractor About Creating an Inviting Space for Your Convenience Store

One of the main ways you will draw people to your convenience store is with a welcoming space. Part of becoming a profitable convenience store is including construction elements that can help attract customers to your store. Therefore, ensure your store includes gorgeous exteriors, modern restrooms, and ample parking.

Attractive Exteriors from Your Houston General Contractor

Imagine driving down the road and seeing two convenience stores. One looks like it was designed twenty years ago and one that looks brand new. Which one would you choose to go to? Most people will choose the more modern-looking store because it looks more inviting. If your convenience store looks outdated, it could hurt your sales. Instead, ensure your store looks like somewhere people want to visit from the outside.

Also, while you want to make sure your store stands out from the crowd, you also want your convenience store to fit its surroundings. For example, if most of the buildings around your store use stone or brick exteriors, you probably don’t want to opt for a building that looks like it belongs in a spaceship. Your Houston general contractor can help you determine the proper way to stand out as well as fit the aesthetics of the neighborhood you plan to open your store in.

Additionally, customers may perceive that a newer looking store offers more. For example, they might think that an attractive exterior means more services offerings or better products. Therefore, talk to our Houston general contractor about creating a sleek, modern space inside and out. Your construction contractor can help you design an updated space that draws in more customers.

Great Restroom Facilities

Another important part of your convenience store construction is the restrooms. Restroom facilities are generally required for building codes. These codes generally have fairly simple standards. However, that doesn’t mean you should skimp on this part of your convenience store. The simple fact of the matter is that many people visit convenience stores to make a pit stop for the restroom. However, if they find dark, outdated, or unsanitary restrooms, customers aren’t likely to stick around to shop. Often, unattractive restrooms scare potential sales away. It can also leave a negative impression in customers’ minds about your store.

Therefore, make sure that your convenience store design includes great restrooms. This helps create a favorable impression of your store, which always helps your business. A good impression goes a long way for sales and customer loyalty. Creating a good reputation means that your store may just become the place where someone stops after work every day. Your Houston commercial construction contractor can help you design and build restroom facilities that will reflect on your store positively.

Make Sure your Houston General Contractor Includes Plenty of Parking

However, no matter how beautiful your store’s exterior and restrooms are, customers may not flood in if you don’t have enough parking. A common mistake is spending so much time on the structure that they leave little room for parking spaces. However, this can negatively impact your store and profits. During the design and construction phase of your convenience store project, it’s important to think about things from a customer’s perspective. How likely are you to stop at a place if you know it’s going to be difficult to park? Probably less likely than stores where you know you can find a spot quickly and easily. Therefore, your Houston general contractor will consider the parking situation for your convenience store to help ensure your store is set up for success.

Create a Layout that Encourages Browsing

The layout of your convenience store can also have a major impact on sales. While it may seem better to stuff all your available space with shelves so you can offer more products, this makes your store cramped and may prevent people from looking around and making impulse buys. Instead, talk to your Houston general contractor about designing a space that welcomes browsing. A streamlined convenience store floor plan can make all the difference for your sales. For example, consider placing your aisles diagonally. This helps customers see products as they walk in the door. This can help encourage impulse buys.

Additionally, your Houston general contractor recommends making your aisles wider. Wider aisles make it easier for your customers to walk around, which can lead to them purchasing more each time they visit your convenience store. While it may seem like the additional empty space sacrifices your ability to add more products, the key is that it makes it easier to shop around. In contrast, narrow aisles can become cramped quite quickly and discourage your customers from looking at anything other than what they came into your store for.  Therefore, it’s best to strategize with your convenience store construction contractor about the best way to build your space to increase your bottom line.

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