Construction Management from Your Houston General Contractor

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Choose the right Houston general contractor for your upcoming construction project. With proper construction management, you set your project up for efficiency.

Many people are confused about the difference between a Houston general contractor and a construction manager. Many times, they have similar duties. However, not every Houston general contractor offers comprehensive construction management services. Houston construction management is vital for your project. Therefore, understand what construction management entails so you can ensure success for your project.

What’s the Difference Between a Houston General Contractor and a Construction Manager?

Generally, a construction manager coordinates a project from beginning to end and manages all construction personnel. They set the schedule and help unite all your construction contractors under the same goal. On the other hand, a Houston general contractor typically manages daily operations after an engineer has designed the project. Additionally, a general contractor generally has a pool of subcontractors they work with on a regular basis, while construction managers are usually individuals who aren’t familiar with the subcontractors performing project duties. Both of these positions require a Bachelor’s degree and specialized training.

Why Is Houston Construction Management Important?

Do you really need Houston construction management for your project? The simple answer is yes. Construction management helps maintain project deadlines and budget, keep construction equipment maintained, coordinate construction efforts for efficiency and to reduce redundancy, and keep track of applicable permitting and regulations for your project. In a nut shell, construction management streamlines and harmonizes the construction process to help your project run smoothly. Therefore, Houston construction management helps keep your project on track, from initial concept to completion. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need two separate contractors for these duties.

Should I Hire a Separate Company for Construction Management?

So, does this mean you need to hire a Houston general contractor and a construction manager? Not necessarily! Your general contractor may perform Houston construction management services for your project. For example, a general contractor that offers design-build services often do most of the same tasks that a construction manager will do. Therefore, if you choose an experienced and reputable general construction contractor who offers design-build services, you can often simplify your construction process by combining these two essential roles into one entity. This has many benefits over hiring separate contractors, as it reduces the risk of miscommunications. Additionally, your Houston general contractor will be able to manage your subcontractors more efficiently, as they have often already established rapport with them.

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