Houston General Construction: Site Planning for Success

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Site planning from your Houston general construction specialists helps your project go smoothly.

Before beginning your Houston general construction project, you will need a site plan. This plan is essentially a plan to follow during construction. Site plans include a lot of information that affects your construction project. Site plans also help during the design process. For example, they help ensure your commercial building suits the property and surroundings. Therefore, ensure you choose a Houston general contractor with the experience to handle your site analysis and plan. This will help you get the best outcomes for your construction project.

What is Houston General Construction Site Planning?

So, what exactly is a construction site plan? For your Houston general construction site plan, your design experts will start by analyzing your construction site. After analysis, then we get to work creating a site plan. A site plan shows placement and orientation for structures, landscape elements, and other features on your property. Also, site plans give necessary information such as the type of vegetation and topography of your property. Your experts include what currently exists and what will also exist after project completion.

The information collected during the analysis can influence your project in many ways. Site analysis and planning provides information that is necessary for design and construction. For instance, it helps determine constructibility and potential issues that may occur. In addition, site plans help you determine risks, budget needs, and scheduling requirements for your Houston general construction project.

Often, you’re required to provide an accurate and comprehensive site plan in your permit applications for your construction project. Then, the City of Houston or other municipal authority uses the site plan to determine if your construction plans are up to code and in-line with local regulations. Once approved and granted the necessary permits, your Houston general contractor can get to work on constructing your building. Therefore, site planning not only influences the success of your project but is required for obtaining the permits you need for construction.

What’s Included in a Houston General Construction Site Plan?

However, you may be wondering what exactly goes into a site plan and how it’s different from a building blueprint. Your Houston general construction specialists include many different pieces of information on your site plan to help your project go smoothly. Because construction doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we must evaluate information that could affect your project. We use this to then plan accordingly.

For example, imagine if your Houston general contractor never checked weather reports. This means that on any given day, you are gambling that the weather won’t affect construction efforts or damage materials and equipment. This seems like a pretty bad way to go about your project, right? You could say the same thing about construction without a site plan.

A Houston general construction site plan helps guide your project at every step of the way. These plans help reduce errors, hazards, delays, and budget overages. Since the site plan is so important, it takes in a lot of different pieces of information. Some things that may be included on your site map include:

Property Lines

Property lines show where your property begins and ends, and where you have a legal right to build. Your Houston general construction site plan shows property lines to help ensure your structures stay within these boundaries. This helps prevent delays, costly changes, and even lawsuits from unintentionally building on someone else’s property. In addition, many municipalities require you to build a certain distance away from your property line. Therefore, knowing where these boundaries are set allows your Houston general contractor to plan and build far enough away. Marking property lines on your site plan also helps show if you may need easements, which we will discuss in more depth later.

Current Conditions and Proposed Conditions After Houston General Construction

The main point of a site plan for your Houston general construction project is to show what kinds of changes you will make and what your property will look like after completion. This means your site plan should include current and proposed conditions on your property. Showing these elements on your site map help show the scope of your project. Also, it helps to permit agencies to determine if you need additional inspections or permits.

For example, imagine your property has a large tree right in the middle of where you plan to place your building. If you don’t include information about this tree on the site plan, then you may not be able to obtain a tree removal permit. Also, since the tree must be removed before starting on your building, then neglecting to place it on your site map could lead to project delays and scheduling issues until it’s removed. Instead, your Houston general construction crew includes all this information to help streamline your project and detect any issues that could arise.


In addition, your site plan should include any easements. This includes easements on your property and easements you need on adjacent properties. Easements could prevent you from building on an area of your site. Including easements on your property helps you ensure your design doesn’t affect that area of your property. To be granted an easement, you often must show a site plan with the easement and also explain why you need it. For example, you may need an easement as part of your Houston general construction project if you have a water pipe that crosses another property. Even if the easement existed before you purchased the property, you must still include it on the site plan and often must get the easement re-approved.

Houston General Construction Laydown Areas

Thorough site plans also show construction laydown areas. These areas help ensure your project goes smoothly. During construction, your Houston general contractor will need an area on the site to store materials and equipment, as well as partially assemble components of your building. Often, showing laydown areas on your site plan is essential for obtaining construction permits. In addition, showing laydown areas on your plans can help improve safety and efficiency by ensuring that there is a dedicated space for project laydown and also that everyone will know where it is. Laydown areas should be close to the construction site and feature all the temporary facilities necessary for your project.

Parking Lot Information

Also, your Houston general construction site plan should include information about on-site parking lots. Not only will your plans need to show where the lot will be located, but also other important information like the flow of traffic, signage, parking lot lighting, and signage. This will help ensure you have plenty of parking for your needs. In addition, including this information on your site plan helps you ensure you have all the necessary signage, lines, and other requirements according to municipal rules.

Additionally, your site plan should also include information about turn-ins you will need for your parking lot. Many codes and regulations apply to the elements of turn in areas, such as width, curb dimensions, and other elements of your parking lot access. Including this information on your site plan can help you ensure your efforts are up to code to prevent mistakes and issues later on.

Surrounding Signs, Fire Hydrants, and Buildings

Showing the surrounding area on your site plan is also important for design and regulation compliance. For example, the height of the buildings near your property can help influence your own building’s height. A much shorter or much taller building can stick out like a sore thumb. Therefore, this information can help determine design elements to make your building aesthetically pleasing.

Incorporating streets and street signage also helps determine where you should place your building and where it should face. In most cases, you will want your building to face the busiest street so that people can find it. In addition, you may also want to include your parking lot entry area on the busiest street as well to make things easy for those who need to access your building after completion.

Your site plan should also include any nearby fire hydrants, as there are often codes that dictate how far away your building can be from fire hydrants, as well as regulations on how close fire engines can get to your building in the event of a fire. Therefore, your Houston general construction site plan includes information that is integral to the success of your project. It’s important to choose a team you can count on for comprehensive site planning and turnkey construction solutions.

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