Houston Construction Management for Developers

Houston Construction Management - Momentum General Contractors

If you’re a real estate developer, you know efficiency is everything for your project. The more efficient, generally the better your profit is in the end. Therefore, choose Houston construction management from an experienced team to help keep your project on track. 

Whether you’re new to the game or have experience in developing, a project manager offers you a leg up in the industry. Good management practices offer powerful advantages for your construction project.

Houston Construction Management Makes Development Easy

Houston construction management professionals perform many duties. Much of these depend on your specific project and needs. For example, healthcare construction generally requires more oversight for codes and regulations. By contrast, a tenant build out project may need more subcontractor coordination. Your project manager will sit down with you to discuss your goals for the project. These goals inform the entire project from beginning to end. 

Studies show that professional construction management helps reduce costs, avoid or mitigate risk, and achieve higher quality standards compared to self-managed construction projects.

Houston Construction Management - Momentum General Contractors
Houston construction management offers oversight for your construction project.

A construction manager offers a wide range of benefits for your project, including:

  • Managing costs
  • Coordinating schedules
  • Controlling construction quality
  • Defining project scope for contractors
  • Identifying and reducing risks
  • Solving subcontractor conflicts
  • Managing unforeseen changes
  • Assisting with permitting and inspections

Therefore, if you’re planning on developing commercial land, a project manager not only means helping save you time and energy on managing all the different moving parts, it can also help keep your project right on target for all your goals.

Houston Construction Management Helps Save Costs

Having a Houston construction management professional for your project can also help save you money! A project manager’s job is to protect your interests and find the most favorable options for you. This includes saving costs anywhere possible without sacrificing quality. Working with a construction project manager means gaining a professional in your corner that has the expertise to find cost-saving strategies. 

In some cases, this means saving on material costs. In others, it means coordinating tasks to optimize labor hours and reduce downtime. A lot of this comes down to the initial document review. Your construction manager will go through all your documents, such as contracts, budgets, schedule, plans, and specifications to understand your goals. During this process, we also look for areas where we can save money without skimping on your other goals. Your manager then runs this by you. This is also an ongoing effort from your Houston construction management specialist.

Your Construction Manager Ensures Quality Results

Whether you’re interested in Houston metal buildings or more traditional wood structures, your manager also works tirelessly to provide you with high quality results. We all know that cut corners in construction can spell disaster for the project outcome. Your project manager is there to ensure everyone involved with the development is held to high quality work standards to ensure your needs and expectations are met. This can include inspecting materials as they arrive and also managing subcontractors to ensure your building offers the quality you expect and deserve. 

From day one, your Houston construction management expert makes sure everyone is on the same page for your project. With each phase, they are there to ensure quality for each minute detail of your development.

Overseeing Project Schedules

Construction scheduling can be a nightmare without specialized knowledge and experience. Some parts of the project can’t start until others are finished. Others can be done simultaneously. How do you ensure time is being used efficiently and effectively? Choose expert Houston construction management professionals. 

Using real-world construction experience, in-depth college training, and the latest technology, your project manager helps schedule and coordinate different project phases and subcontractors. This helps get your project done in the shortest amount of time without adjusting project quality, scope, or budget. Therefore, if you want on-time completion from your Houston general contractor, choose a team that offers management services. 

Houston Construction Management and Project Scope

Defining the scope of your project is like a play-by-play of how your project will go. However, it can be easy to let that plan get out of control without the expertise of a Houston construction management pro. Keeping scope on track with all the different people involved with your project, from architects and engineers to subcontractors like electricians and plumbers means having a plan, communicating that plan, and overseeing each component of construction. A project manager is integral for this goal because it requires working knowledge of all the different aspects of your project. Your experienced construction manager can handle this with ease to help your project go according to plan, budget, and schedule. 

Risk Planning & Mitigation for Your Construction Project

Some of the main risks involved with any construction project are safety and security. Before beginning work on your real estate development project, our management specialists identify potential risks and develop plans to avoid and mitigate them. This may mean locking up equipment and materials and ensuring that all contractors follow all applicable safety protocols for the job site. Your project manager does all this to protect your interests so you can rest assured that your project has as few risks as possible. 

Communication from Your Project Manager

Another important aspect of Houston construction management is clear communication with you, the developer. You will never be in the dark about your project. In addition to overseeing your construction project as a whole, we also set up regular meetings to communicate which stage your project is in and what we’re doing to ensure on-budget and on-schedule completion. You’re in the driver’s seat for your project at all times, with your construction manager as your one point of contact for ease and peace of mind. 

Expert Management, Design, and Construction from Momentum General Contractors

We have commercial construction down to a science and offer decades worth of knowledge and experience for your project. If you’re planning a real estate development, choose our team at Momentum General Contractors for your needs. We work on a wide range of projects of all sizes, from tenant build out projects to large multi-family complexes to help you get the most out of your construction project. Call us today at (713) 856-9977 to learn more about our cutting-edge services and to request a bid!