Houston Construction Management for Cost Control

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Did you know Houston construction management can help keep costs under control for your project? Commercial construction projects can be complex, which means they often come with budget overages. However, a professional project manager is here to help manage costs and maximize returns. 

Houston Construction Management Starts With Design

Many property owners think they don’t need to hire a construction manager until after construction begins. However, your Houston general contractor recommends getting the manager involved in the project as early as possible, including during the design phase. Design is one of the most important parts of your project’s budget. 

The manager can offer insight and guidance based on years of construction experience. They can help catch errors and offer their expertise for design changes that may help increase savings without changing the scope of your project.

Pre-Construction Houston Construction Management Services

In addition, there are several ways a Houston construction management professional can help before construction begins. Many common causes of construction budget overages are preventable before the crew ever steps on site. 

Risk Analysis and Contingency Plans

Obviously we’d like it if everything always went according to plan. However, there are risks for every type of project. These risks can open you up to budget overages and even liabilities. Part of Houston construction management is identifying risks, evaluating their likelihood, and making plans for what to do if they happen. 

For example, even the newest and best maintained equipment can fail unexpectedly. This is a risk that could increase time and money for your project. Your project manager should have a plan for what to do if this occurs. For instance, moving onto a different portion of the project or having backup equipment available. This can help reduce the unexpected costs of non-productive time while the equipment is down. 

Supply Sources for your Houston General Contractor

Another common practice for Houston construction management professionals is considering supplies. For example, different suppliers may offer better rates for each material, which can help save you on these costs. Also, supply shortages, shipping delays, and other similar problems can quickly lead to budget and schedule overages. Your project manager may recommend choosing materials or suppliers based on the risk of these things occurring. In addition, your manager should also have plans in place for potential alternatives should you be unable to get the original materials.

Scheduling Subcontractors Efficiently

Houston construction management professional - Momentum General Contractors
A Houston construction management expert helps direct efforts for time and cost savings.

Another common problem we see with construction projects without a manager is a lack of coordination with subcontractors. For your project, you may need various subcontractors like plumbers, HVAC specialists, and more. However, having them all on site at one time can lead to them tripping over each other or waiting until another subcontractor is finished. 

Also, in many cases these things must be done in a specific order. Without an organized and strategic schedule for subcontractors, this could mean doing some parts of your project twice. For example, electrical work should always come after the plumbing systems. If you have an electrician on-site before the plumbers are done, then this could mean taking out the electrical systems and starting over again. So, subcontractor scheduling is another important part of Houston construction management for cost control. 

Houston Construction Management During Your Project

However, a construction manager’s job isn’t done until your project is complete. There are also several other cost management processes that should be done during the construction process. 

Evaluating Performance

One of the most important parts of Houston construction management is conducting regular cost analyses. For example, comparing budget to actual costs and projected schedule to actual schedule are vital. These help your project manager determine how your project is performing and can also help plan ahead. Using these evaluations can help the manager determine total cost to completion if you keep going at the same rate. If there’s a chance that your project could go over budget, this gives the project manager time to plan ahead and work with you to reduce costs. 

Balancing Cost Plans

No matter how good your initial cost estimates were, sometimes things do pop up that cost more than you originally thought. Houston construction management helps offset these unexpected overages by regularly reviewing and updating cost plans. It’s often possible to balance overages out by reducing costs in other areas without significant changes to scope or quality. 

Having a project manager for your commercial construction enterprise means having an expert constantly comparing budget versus actual costs. Also, your construction manager has the expertise in both management and construction to find opportunities for savings even after the unexpected happens.

Houston Construction Management Motivates Everyone On-Site

Never underestimate the advantages of a well-motivated crew. Your construction manager offers on-site support to help ensure everyone is on the same page for your project. This can help construction cost control in several different ways. 

One important thing Houston construction management can do for cost control is make sure everyone knows the plan for your project. When everyone is on the same page, it’s easier to manage costs.

Also, morale can affect productivity. A well-motivated crew is often much more productive, which can help you get more value per dollar. Construction managers aren’t just supervisors barking orders at contractors and subcontractors – they can quickly become the lifeblood of your project. Communicating with everyone and getting the crew excited is the sign of an expert project manager.

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