Houston Commercial Construction: Interior Build Outs

empty office space ready for Houston commercial construction tenant build out

Did you know even if you’re not constructing a building from the ground up, you may still need help from Houston commercial construction professionals? In fact, almost every business that rents commercial space will need help with construction in the form of an interior build out. Let’s discuss the different parts of an office build out and how to make it as simple and convenient as possible. 

What is a Build Out? What Does This Houston Commercial Construction Project Cover?

First of all, what is a commercial build out? This type of construction project goes by many names. They’re also known as tenant improvements, TIs, and leasehold improvements. Essentially, these are interior remodels to help customize a leased commercial space to your company’s needs. 

In most cases, the build out process and what’s included really depends on your lease agreement. However, in general, you can alter most of the square feet of your rented space to fit your needs. In some cases you may have a tenant improvement allowance from the landlord to go toward the construction costs, though sometimes costs will be out-of-pocket. So, check your lease for the particulars of your situation. 

empty office space ready for Houston commercial construction tenant build out
You may need Houston commercial construction services for tenant build outs to make your leased office space ready for your employees.

Typically, an interior build out takes your space from a blank canvas to a usable workspace. For instance, many businesses may need:

  • Additional restrooms
  • More electrical outlets
  • Private offices
  • Conference rooms
  • On-brand finishings

A built out project helps address all these needs to customize the space for you. Your Houston general contractor can handle everything from building new walls to divide the space to painting the walls to match your brand colors. 

Houston Commercial Construction Steps for Build Outs

As you consider the build out process, it may seem simple on the surface. However, if you’ve ever managed one yourself before, you know that it’s more like a juggling act. In fact, completing Houston commercial construction on a tenant build out is just one of those steps. Let’s look at some of the biggest and broadest steps in the build out process.

Space Planning and Design

Planning out your new corporate interior might sound fairly simple, but it’s anything but. Most of the time, you’ll need an experienced architect to tackle the job. Just like any other Houston commercial construction project, there are many different codes and regulations to consider. Noncompliance with these codes can lead to violations and fines that may be costly and frustrating, as well as create safety hazards and liability for your business.

Also, after the tenant improvement is complete, you want a cohesive and workable space. That means having a design expert to collaborate with you on flow, how to divide the space, and more. In many cases, this means talking about your goals for the space. Then, you can evaluate test fits (drawings of the potential floor plan) from the design pro before making a final decision.

Once you have a finalized plan for the space, then you and the designer work together to find the right finishings, such as paint colors, wall coverings, flooring, and more to create the ideal space for you and your employees. This process sounds quite fun, but can also be difficult if you’re working with a budget, which in most cases you will be. A project manager can help with this process and even help identify areas where you can use materials with a similar look and quality, but that might cost less to help prevent going over budget. 

Scheduling Houston Commercial Construction

You’ll also need to work out a schedule for construction. Once again, it sounds easier than it really is. This part of the build out process involves estimating how much time it will take for each step of construction. Not only does this mean estimating time for the Houston general contractor, but also the various subcontractors for the project, like electricians and plumbers. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that some systems need to go in before others. For example, usually the plumbing needs to go in before the electrical system.

Of course, you want to make sure that everything meets your quality standards. You don’t want any cut corners. However, you also probably can’t wait forever to move your employees and equipment over to your new space. So, scheduling is incredibly important to help you plan for move in day and also get you in your new workspace ASAP. 


Let’s not forget permitting. In most cases, you need a permit from the city of Houston for a build out project. This involves filling out a permit application, submitting your plans to the committee for review, and gathering any other documents the permitting center may require. At the end of the project, you may also need to schedule an inspection.

Houston General Construction Services

Next is the actual construction process. This is where your Houston general contractor takes your designs and ideas and makes them into a reality. It’s important to keep the lines of communications open during the construction project. This can help keep everything on schedule and on budget. Due to all the different people involved in the construction side of the build out, you may want a construction manager on-site to provide you with a point of contact to talk about budgets, schedules, and any necessary changes. 

Set Up Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

After construction, it’s time to set up your furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E). Now, you likely picked all of this out during the design phase, whether you’re re-using equipment from your last space or purchased all new. Getting everything set up and ready to go is key to a successful office move-in. That way, when the day comes for your employees to officially switch to your new workspace, they can get straight to work instead of losing productive hours to assemble their desks, chairs, or set up the copy machine. 

Move In Day

Once you’re all ready and your build out is complete, you’ll need to facilitate a move in day for your team. Everyone will need to be able to set up their area, learn where everything is, and get used to your new location. 

Houston Commercial Construction Options for Office Spaces

Now, two things you’re probably wondering for build out projects is how much they cost and how long they take. This ultimately really depends on the project and there’s no hard-and-fast answer. However, the type of space you need will have a big impact on the cost and schedule for your build out.

There are any number of ways to build out a new office space, but there are three really common office build outs we see: open, collaborative, and private offices. Each has its pros and cons and will affect the build out process.

For instance, open plans are great for collaboration and teamwork. They also help reduce build out costs and timelines because there are fewer walls to put up for an open office plan. 

Collaborative office plans are like a hybrid of both open and private offices. These have common spaces as well as more private spaces like conference rooms. These build out projects often fall in the moderate level of build out cost and timelines. 

Private office environments are usually the highest cost per square foot build out projects. They can also take a little longer than either open or collaborative office spaces. They involve constructing lots of walls, installing many doors, and also often require more sophisticated lighting options, as walls for private office spaces generally block natural light from windows.

More than a Houston General Contractor: Your Partner for the Build Out Process

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time starting a build out project, it can be a complex process. Our team is here to make it easier. We are your partner from concept to completion for your build out construction project. Our services include design, construction, and project and construction management to help streamline the build out process. We can handle everything from build out drawings and cost estimates to making sure your project is completed on-time and on-budget. For a simpler, more convenient build outs for your business, consider our turnkey design and construction services. 

Houston Commercial Construction Experts & Turnkey Services

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