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Your Houston commercial construction contractor also offers design and engineering services to help your project go smoothly.

If you’re planning a commercial construction project, you will need an engineer. In these cases, an engineer isn’t just recommended, it’s generally required by law. An engineer is responsible for making sure your building design is safe, constructible, and efficient. Your Houston commercial construction contractor offers construction that includes engineering services. However, what exactly does this mean for your project? This can help save you time, money, and hassle, as well as provide a higher quality finished product. Therefore, choose a turnkey Houston commercial construction contractor for your project.

Benefits of Choosing Engineering Services from Your Houston Commercial Construction Contractor

There are several benefits to working with a construction contractor that offers commercial engineering services. Often, hiring a Houston commercial construction contractor for engineering and construction is more cost-effective than hiring them separately.

For example, say you hire an architect to design your building first. They add all the artistic elements that fit your aesthetic. Then, an engineer reviews and changes the designs to meet building codes. However, even then, when you request a bid for your project, the construction company may charge much more than your budget. This could mean wasted money and starting over again.

Often, engineers who work separately from your Houston commercial construction contractor aren’t really sure how much it will cost to build your building. Without design build expertise and collaboration among all those involved, estimating construction labor hours, cost of materials, and other costs can be almost impossible. However, when you choose engineering services from your construction contractor, everyone works as a team to create a high quality building within your budget. Therefore, you can easily reduce costs for your project by working with a turnkey Houston general contractor.

Also, the engineer for your project will be there from beginning to end for your project. This helps prevent interruptions and inefficiency. When you choose design-build services, your engineer and construction contractor are part of the same team. This means that there’s no delay between finalizing the design and starting on construction. Additionally, your engineer helps manage your project. This helps keep your project on-time and on-budget and also offers you one point of contact for all your questions and needs. Therefore, you get clear accountability and communication for your project from your Houston commercial construction contractor.

What’s Included in Design-Build Services?

So, what exactly happens when you choose design-build services from your Houston commercial construction contractor? Essentially, your engineer is there with you at every step of the way. They help design and plan your project and also perform a site investigation to make sure the land will work for your project. Then, they create the design and construction plans so you can start building. Finally, they manage your project until completion and oversee the final inspections and testing.

Engineering services as part of your design-build project mean that your engineer works closely with others involved with your project to define the scope, estimate costs, and schedule construction efforts. They help identify and plan for any risks or issues. In addition to planning these important aspects of your project, engineers also conduct regular site visits and inspections. This helps keep your project on schedule, on budget, and up to strict quality standards. Therefore, engineers as part of your design-build crew work with a large team, including any subcontractors, to make your commercial construction project as practical and efficient as possible.

Some things your Houston commercial construction contractor will do as part of design-build services include helping minimize the environmental impact of your project as well as the costs for construction. Therefore, they help you get the highest quality building for the lowest possible price. Also, your engineer must ensure that your project complies with local and state zoning laws and permitting requirements. These requirements are often stricter than residential projects because more people use commercial buildings. However, an experienced Houston general contractor knows all the ins and outs to help your project be a success.

What are the Risks of Working with an Engineer Who isn’t a Houston Commercial Construction Contractor?

You might be wondering if it would be better to take the traditional design-bid-build approach to your commercial construction project. However, this system does have some flaws. Often after the design process in this type of project, the engineer is not involved with your project anymore. This means that if your construction crew has a question about the blueprint or needs clarification on errors or instructions, they are not around to answer any questions. If they are, it can sometimes take days or weeks to hear back, which often creates scheduling delays. By contrast, engineering services from your Houston commercial construction contractor means that this information is available at practically any time, which can help reduce errors and delays that can cost you money.

Frequently with design-bid-build projects, developers will pay for building design only to find out during the bid process that the plans simply aren’t constructible on their given budget. This often means that you’ve paid for a design that you can’t use, and therefore have to go back to the drawing board. Once again, this can unnecessarily cost you time and money. Design-bid-build construction processes leave many risks on the stakeholders and developers. Instead, design-build with engineering services reduces these risks and gives you one point of contact, as one single firm is responsible for making sure your project goes smoothly.

At Momentum General Contractors, we provide high-quality design-build construction services. Our commitment to safety and quality makes us the best choice for your commercial project. Whether you need a high-end restaurant or Houston metal buildings for warehouses, our crew has the knowledge and experience you need. Call us today at (713) 856-9977 to talk to one of our experts and request a bid. We are here to serve you!