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Your Houston commercial construction contractor can create shell spaces that allow your tenants to design their own work space.

Shell construction is a common service your Houston commercial construction contractor provides. These spaces offer advantages to building developers and tenants. Therefore, you commonly find shell spaces in commercial spaces. This is especially true in office buildings where a tenant may need specific interior fittings to create a functional space. Learn more about shell construction from your Houston commercial construction contractor.

What is Shell Construction?

The term shell construction typically only includes the basics of a commercial building. Essentially, interior spaces are left like an empty canvas. This way, tenants can customize the space to suit their needs. Therefore, your Houston general contractor will take care of the base of the building, exterior elements, and other fundamental construction necessities. Shell construction from your Houston commercial construction contractor usually includes:

  • Foundation
  • Skeleton
  • Cladding
  • Exterior design
  • Building envelope

However, shell and core construction is different for each developer. In some cases, shell Houston general construction includes more or less construction efforts. This depends on the type of shell you want. Generally, there are two types of shell construction – vanilla and gray.

Vanilla Shell from Your Houston Commercial Construction Contractor

A vanilla shell is a great choice for developers and tenants who want a quick move-in time, but still want the flexibility of shell construction. With this type of structure, tenants can still design their own space with a little less customizability. Generally, vanilla shell construction from your Houston commercial construction contractor involves adding most of the features you would need to operate a space. For example, a vanilla shell might include:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Flooring
  • Fire sprinklers
  • HVAC
  • One restroom

However, with a vanilla shell, tenants still have the option of designing the space. For example, they can pick the perfect floor plan for their needs, paint the walls, change out the electrical fixtures, and other build out elements to make the space their own. Naturally, constructing a vanilla shell compared to a gray shell will take some more time and will be a little more money. However, it’s a great solution for developers who want the building leased as quickly as possible while still providing a blank canvas.

Gray Shell from Your Houston General Contractor

By contrast, gray shell construction usually involves just the building structure and foundation. In many cases, gray shells offer bare stud walls and no plumbing or duct work. This offers faster, less expensive construction and also even more design flexibility for tenants. A gray shell from your Houston commercial construction contractor gives your tenants the option to fully customize the space to fit their needs. However, one of the drawbacks for this type of shell construction is that build out efforts will likely take longer than vanilla shell build outs. Therefore, it may be a little longer before your tenants are ready to move in.

Benefits of Shell Spaces from Your Houston Commercial Construction Contractor

Many tenants search for shell construction because of the benefits they offer. Additionally, building developers may also notice some distinct advantages to shell construction. Tenants like shell construction because it allows them to tailor their space without investing in constructing a building themselves. However, shell commercial construction also offers perks to building developers.

Fast Construction from your Houston Commercial Construction Contractor

When you work with your Houston general construction company for design build services, shell construction can significantly speed up the process. Generally, the construction materials and services needed for the core and shell of the building have the longest lead-time. This means it usually takes the longest amount of time to finish. However, constructing a fully fitted space often means waiting to design and construct these elements until you finalize interior finishes. Instead, with shell construction, you can get started even sooner on your construction project and leave the finishes to the tenants.

Also, because you aren’t adding in all the other elements to make a completely move-in ready space, such as wall painting, additional interior walls, and other components of a finished commercial space, construction completion often occurs sooner. Oftentimes this speedy construction process translates to construction savings.

Save Money with Shell Construction

Naturally, the less time needed to construct a structure, the more you save on your construction project. Therefore, shell construction from your Houston general contractor can help you save money. Developers can have quick, cost-effective, and high-quality building with shell and core construction.

Also, when you choose shell construction from your Houston commercial construction contractor, you don’t waste any funding on fittings that your tenants may remove and throw out. For example, you won’t need to pay for wall paint. Instead, your tenant will pick what they prefer. This also helps you save on your construction project.

Reduce Waste with Shell and Core Construction

Finished spaces oftentimes produce a lot of waste. In many cases, tenants will need to remove fixtures, molding, and other features that simply don’t fit their needs or aesthetic. Most of this goes straight into the garbage. Shell construction can be a much greener way to construct buildings you intend to rent out to tenants because there’s next to no waste for materials. Instead, all the materials and construction efforts that go into your shell project will have an exact purpose and usually aren’t thrown out later by your tenants, except perhaps flooring. Shell construction is more efficient and environmentally-friendly as well.

Therefore, you can reduce waste, costs, and time by cutting out the middle step and allowing your tenant to personalize the space to their requirements without needing to remove anything beforehand. Generally, if you’re planning to lease or sell a commercial space, shell construction from your Houston commercial construction contractor is the most streamlined and cost-effective way to go.

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