Houston Commercial Construction Contractor for Daycares

New daycare interior from Houston commercial construction contractor

Whether building a new daycare or building out an existing space, you need a Houston commercial construction contractor. Construction contractors help design and create the ideal space for your daycare. If you’re considering opening a new daycare center, it’s critical to choose the right design build team. In this article we’ll discuss how to choose the right contractor, different steps of daycare construction, and some considerations for daycare design.

Why Hire a Houston Commercial Construction Contractor with Daycare Experience

One of the first things to consider before hiring a Houston commercial construction contractor is whether they have experience specifically with daycare centers. Daycare construction, whether new construction or renovation, is often much different than other commercial spaces. Not only do you need to design a space that is playful and welcoming, but these spaces often face many regulations regarding design, zoning, and construction. An experienced daycare construction contractor can help you navigate these complexities.

Daycare Design Build as a Houston Commercial Construction Contractor

New daycare interior from Houston commercial construction contractor
As a trusted Houston commercial construction contractor, we help you build fun, functional spaces for daycare centers.

Choosing a general contractor that offers turnkey daycare construction can help reduce the stress and hassle of your daycare construction project. Rather than hiring and managing many different professionals, like an architect, engineer, contractor, and construction administrator, a turnkey team offers all these services with just one contract and one point of responsibility. For instance, our team can take care of your project from initial concept to completion. We can take care of everything from architectural design and engineering to Houston construction management and project completion. This can help take a lot of the responsibility off your shoulders and make your daycare construction project easier to manage. 

Steps for Daycare Construction

If you’re considering daycare construction, it’s important to understand the basics of the major steps. This can help you be prepared throughout the process and work with your Houston commercial construction contractor more effectively. Here are some of the steps involved in a construction project.

Describing Your Program to a Houston Commercial Construction Contractor

One of the very first steps in any construction project is describing the purpose of the space. Talking through some of the specifics of how you want to use your building can help everyone involved with your construction project on the same page. You’ll sit down with your contractor to talk about things like the age range of children you plan to have in your daycare, how many children you want to be able to care for, and what types of activities will take place in your daycare. For instance, if you plan to have programs for infants, then you will need diaper changing areas. Explaining your plans to your construction contractor can help you get the right space for your daycare business. 

Designing your Daycare Space

Next, your construction team gets to work designing your daycare building. Based on discussions about your program and the specific features you need in your daycare building, our design professionals create drawings that the construction team will follow. You work with the design team to fine-tune the design to your needs and budget. 

Constructing your Daycare Building

Once design is finalized, our construction team gets to work creating your space. We take care of all construction tasks for you, including finding qualified subcontractors for specialty work like plumbing and electric systems and Houston construction management for safety, quality, schedule, and cost management. 

Post-Construction Training from your Houston Commercial Construction Contractor

Even after your daycare building is standing and filled with furniture, toys, and learning materials, our team is here to help you get ready to welcome children and families to your daycare center. In many cases, your building may have certain features that require some instruction or training to use. For instance, if your classrooms have built-in communication systems, our team can walk you and your staff through how to use them. 

Some Things to Consider for Daycare Design

Every daycare center should be unique, which is why you’re working with an experienced daycare construction contractor. However, there are a few things to keep in mind as you design and construct your daycare. Here are some tips from your trusted Houston general contractor for childcare spaces.


Daycare classrooms frequently need to be flexible spaces. In many cases, classrooms are used for many different things, including indoor play time, learning activities, and naps. Consider functionality and practicality for all these different activities while designing classroom spaces. 

In addition, it’s important to reduce any blind spots where teachers and caregivers can’t see children in the classroom. As you’re designing your space and looking at furniture and other finishes, don’t forget that daycare teachers should be able to see children easily for proper safety and supervision. 

Your Houston Commercial Construction Contractor Helps you Design Outdoor Play Areas

When discussing construction, many people get caught up on the building and interior spaces. However, as a daycare owner, you know how important outdoor spaces are. Outdoor play is important for children. Our team can help you design playgrounds suited to your daycare’s needs. This includes not only the playground equipment, but also landscaping and fencing to create the right space. It’s important to check with your local codes, but in most cases you need at least 75 square feet of outdoor play space for each child in your daycare. 

Parking Lots and Pick Up/Drop Off Areas

Parking lots can make or break the experience of staff and parents for your daycare. You need plenty of permanent parking for your staff, visitors, and parents. In addition, you also need a pick up and drop off area that maximizes efficiency and safety for the children. Don’t neglect these spaces for your daycare project. 

Offices and Support Spaces

In addition to childcare spaces, it’s also important to consider spaces for adults. Every daycare needs some type of office or administrative area. You also need break areas for teachers, meeting areas for your staff, and other spaces that aren’t created specifically for childcare. These are just as important as the classrooms, so ensure the design of these spaces maximize productivity. 

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