What Is a General Contractor?

Houston General ConstructionA general contractor is a knowledgeable construction manager who will be in charge of nearly every aspect of your project. Your general contractor may help you determine the right design for your building, draw up construction plans, gather materials, hire the right subcontractors and vendors and provide turnkey finishes. As the leader on the project, your general contractor will know exactly what you want done and will be able to manage all personnel on the project seamlessly. When you want the best for your business, choose Momentum General Contractors in Houston as your trusted general construction company.

What Responsibilities Can We Handle?

At Momentum General Contractors, we can handle all aspects of a commercial building or restoration project for you. We will manage all workers on-site, including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, interior decorators and subcontractors. Because we always start by ensuring that we are on the same page as our clients, your goals will become our goals.

What Are Our Typical Commercial Construction Building Sites?

We provide general construction services to a wide range of commercial businesses, including hotels, restaurants, multi-family complexes, health care facilities and much more. Our goal is to provide all of our clients with new commercial buildings expertly designed to meet the unique needs of their businesses.

What Makes Momentum General Contractors Unique?

We realize that our clients have many choices when it comes to commercial contractors. However, we know that our general construction company is different from the competition when it comes to our management principles, our emphasis on safety and our dedication to our clients. We believe that honesty and integrity should be at the heart of any business, and we only work with subcontractors and vendors who meet those goals. In addition, we are dedicated to using green materials whenever possible, and we ensure the safety of all people on our build sites using the strictest safety standards.

Choose a general contractor you can trust for turnkey commercial projects. Give Momentum General Contractors in Houston a call today to get started with your general construction project.